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Our Lawn Care Programs are tailored to each individual clients lawn. Having a healthy lawn doesn't require all the harsh chemicals that are often associated with generic lawn care programs.

Below is our basic five step program that we build out based upon the needs of each individual lawn. We offer organic and conventional programs, but both focus on soil health and improving soil microbiology.

March- Soil Test & Analysis

March & May- Organic Fertilizer Application

July- Organic Soil Enhancer Biochar Application

September- Aeration, Over Seed & Lime Application

September & November- Organic Fertilizer Application

Additional Services : Spring Aeration, Top Dressing, Sod Installation

We also offer chemical treatments for those pesky weeds and diseases that do not respond to an organic treatment.

These weeds include species like nutsedge, kyllinga, mugwort, oxalis, clover, spurge and virginia creeper.

For these weeds we recommend a treatment to get the lawn back to a healthy stand of turf that can out compete weed growth once back on our routine organic lawn care program.

We also treat for fungal diseases, and insects on an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program. These treatments are only recommended on occasion as our organic lawn program focuses on an integrated approach with proper mowing, watering and air flow to prevent most turf fungal and insect pests.

If recommended we will consult with the home owner prior to application and send a quote separate from the basic organic lawn care program.

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