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Plant Health Care

Our approach to Plant Health Care revolves around our expertise in horticulture, soil science and agronomy and their interaction within the landscape.

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Plant Health Care


At Eastbound, as Certified Professional Horticulturists, we specialize in the care of your plants, trees, lawn and shrubs. Contact us today and and let us maintain the beauty, health, and ecology of your landscape.

  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization
  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Organic Pest Prevention
  • Plant Pest & Disease I.D.
  • Soil & Tree Injections for the best results

Organic Pest & Disease Prevention

We offer our Organic Treatment for your yard and home. We always recommend using these blends of natural botanicals to prevent and reduce pests and diseases from infecting your yard and home as well as making your plants shine.

We recommend treatments every 21 days to maintain the barrier against insect pests and plant diseases, and prevent them from coming back all season long.

No need to be home when we spray. We’ll email you the application memo to verify that the job has been completed. If you are at home, we ask that you, your children, and your pets remain inside while we spray. Once the spray has dried, you are welcome to return outside and start enjoying the outdoors immediately—insect and plant disease free.

How It Works

A friendly and professional technician will traverse your property on foot. Using a low-emission backpack sprayer, our technicians apply a barrier spray to the plants around your property. The spray sticks to plants and vegetation, acting as a repellent for 14-21 days post-treatment.

Call to ask about our Season Pass pricing or a bundle of treatments at a discounted price.

Organic Lawn Care

Our Organic Lawn Care Programs are tailored to each individual clients lawn. Having a healthy lawn doesn't require all the harsh chemicals that are often associated with generic lawn care programs.

Below is our basic five step program that we build out based upon the needs of each individual lawn.

Grass , grass No.3

March- Soil Test & Analysis

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March & May- Organic Fertilizer Application

Chemical Element Carbon from the Periodic Table

June- Organic Soil Enhancer Application

Grass , grass No.3

September- Aeration, Over seed & Lime Application

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September & November- Organic Fertilizer Application

Weed Control Services

Organic Weed Control and Conventional Weed Control for:

  • Rock Yards
  • Driveways
  • Pavers
  • Mulch Beds
  • Fence Lines
  • Curblines

Organic Weed Control Program starts in April and runs through October, with site visits every 21-28 days to ensure vegetation control all season long. Controlling weeds without harming the soil, environment, humans or pets.

Call to ask about our Season Pass pricing or a bundle of treatments at a discounted price.

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