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Are you spending all day on a weekend weeding your yard?

Do you want to kill the weeds but are unsure how to use herbicides?

Are you embarrassed how the weeds have gotten ahead in your yard?

Do you wish your neighbors would be envious of your weed free landscape?

If so, you've come to the right place!

Our Organic Weed Control Program starts in April and runs through October, with site visits every 21-28 days to ensure vegetation control all season long. Controlling weeds without harming the soil, environment, humans or pets.

No need to be home when we spray. We’ll email you the application memo to verify that the job has been completed. If you are at home, we ask that you, your children, and your pets remain inside while we spray. Once the spray has dried, you are welcome to return outside and start enjoying the outdoors immediately—weed free.

Organic Weed Control and Conventional Weed Control for:

Rock yards, driveways, pavers, mulch beds, fence lines and curblines. OMRI approved product is sure to control and burndown annual and perennial weeds and grasses.

If you value high quality, working with experts, and having your home maintained by professionals, we’d love to work with you.

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